Tough Week


(English summary bellow)

Mult heten nem volt idom blog irni. Most megprobalom osszegezni mert vegulis eleg durvara sikerdett. Haromszor voltam adidas Runners-el futni es 2 pedig otthon, Ancsyval, mert idokozben O is elkezdett futni es eleg jol jalad vele. Kulon orom, hogy az adidas Runners szineiben.

Tervem az hogy minden heten megkozelitoleg 50 kilometert szeretnek futni, ez most sikerult is. Remeljuk ez a het is sikerul majd.

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 13.57.05.png

Emlitesremelto a vasarnapi 20km. Kint futottunk a varos szelen, az idojaras a legkevesbe se volt tul kegyes, mert volt egy kis jegeso, egy kis szel es atlag homerseklet kb 5 fok volt. Atlag 5:12/km tempot azert tudtam tartani.

Last week I had no time to write any new post. Now I try to summarize, it was kind of a tough one. I’ve been running three times with the adidas Runners and two times with my all time hero wife Ancsy, because she began to run, and she’s doing pretty well! Aspecially as she joined the adidas Runners too!

In general my plan is to keep the average 50km per weeks, last week was a success in this perspective. I ran 56km.

Sunday was the only notable day with 20 km. We ran the outskirts of the city, weather wasn’t that kind for us, it was a little icy, a little windy and the average temperature was higher then 5 degrees. No matter what, my average pace was 5:12/km. Cool!


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